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24 e-Lessons

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Of course, you can test drive first and download Lessons 1, 4, 7 and 8 NOW. They are absolutely FREE.

Lesson 1

It’s All About What You Want

Making right decisions is all about what you want. After all, when you want

something you make a decision to go get it, put it on hold to deal with later on

or forget about it altogether.

This FREE E-Lesson is about that “something” … the “it” of what you want.

From the Students:

“Yes. I do hesitate and sometimes procrastinate when I have a “big” decision to make. … Feeling better now I know I have guidelines to help me.”

Lesson 2

What Do You Want?

This E-Lesson is about “What” you want from your BIG decision … Why you are making the decision. It is about the specifics of what you want to have, what you want to achieve, what you want to feel or to be after you have made the decision. It could also be the “Where-you-want-to-go” question both physically and with your life.

From the Students:

“As I worked through this lesson finding my “what”, I found it really clarified the reason I had chosen my next decision in Lesson 1.”

Lesson 3

Being Aware

In the context of making right decisions, being aware means being alert to

what’s happening around you and being alert to what’s happening in your

mind space. In this E-lesson are some easy tasks that will increase your awareness of what’s happening inside and outside of your mental space.

From the Students:

“I love the way I am being asked to be aware and focus on my own small decisions, so that I can develop my understanding and confidence for the truly big decisions coming up. … A great movie analogy.”

Lesson 4

Event Registering – The Doorway Into Your Critical Space

How we order and assign meanings to the events that prompt our decisions is the focus of this FREE E-Lesson, i.e. event registration. You will also practise tagging some events that have happened in your life by examining the meanings you have assigned to them.

From the Students:

“Wow! I feel this lesson has taken my awareness to another level. As my understanding grows, I am feeling excited, anticipating what is going to come in the next Lesson. I feel I am learning about me … how I have being doing things all these years.”

Lesson 5

Conscious or Unconscious?

E-Lesson 5 guides you through your Critical Space where mental and physical energy is deployed for decision making and for keeping you alive.

This energy deployment happens simultaneously and in or out of sync via four different energy pathways. These energy processing pathways are the focus of

this E-lesson.

From the Students:

“Now that I know the difference between conscious and unconscious decisions, I realise there is so much going on I am not aware of. I am beginning to see how it all fits together.”

Lesson 6

Chunks, Bits and Logic

E-Lesson 6 uses the metaphor of tools and space in a workshop to guide you through the first of five specialist areas of mental energy processing that work in or out of sync when you make a decision. E-Lesson 6 deals with your energy of logic used in making decisions.

From the Students:


“This was an original and interesting approach. It really made me think ‘outcomes’ when learning more about myself.”

Lesson 7

Feelings Count

This FREE E-Lesson is the first of two that highlight the importance of feelings in decision making.

This lesson focusses on the feelings or emotional aspect of your values when you make a decision.

From the Students:

“No-one has ever asked me to examine my feelings and values in such a systematic way. I appreciate this exercise so much and have really learned so much more about myself.”


Lesson 8

Emotional Wrapping

By examining your top three values and continuing on from the previous e-lesson, This FREE E-Lesson allows you to discover how your feelings can work for you or against you when you make a decision.

From the Students:

“Of course! It is becoming clearer all the time. Valuable! Enlightening! Why didn’t I think about this before?

Lesson 9

Getting Physical

E-Lesson 9 helps you focus on the pushes and pulls of your emotions and the mental energy that keeps you moving physically forward to your objective, i.e. to the outcome you want from your decision.

From the Students:

“This improved my understanding. It gave me the opportunity to identify the physical things in my life I can change… starting now.”

Lesson 10

How Do You Do?

E-Lesson 10 is about discovering Your I-Will Processor… the Home of Your conative mental energy – the energy of doing.
This E-Lesson is about “Doing” and the “How” of doing. It is about the energy of how you reach your objectives.

From the Students:

“Now, this is new. I have not thought of this before. Yes, I can now see how the ‘how of doing’ plays out in my life.”

Lesson 11

How is Your Being?

This lesson is all about your ‘being’ … being human, being aware and being alive. You will discover the two aspects of ‘being’ that contribute to making your every decision.

From the Students:

“So much makes sense now that I look back on some areas of my life. I will definitely revisit this Lesson.”

Lesson 12

R or R 101 – Reaction or Response?

E-Lesson 12 homes in on the action part of decision making – your conscious response or unconscious reaction once the mental processing is done. You will also discover how your unconscious habits are connected to this action part of your decision making.

From the Students:

“Could my habits really be affecting my decisions as much as this? I had not previously thought of the difference between a reaction and a response.”

Lesson 13

R or R 102 – Responding Consciously To Create a Newer You.

This E-Lesson is about how to recognise your conscious responses and what drives you to make them. The focus is on the physical or mental action that follows a desire or need to achieve something you consciously want.

From the Students:

“Wow! I really feel I am getting more control of my life now, simply because I have more understanding of myself.”

Lesson 14

Outcomes – Do You Know What You Want?

Outcomes are a crucial part of your decision making. Without being aware of them or identifying them at the outset, your decisions could well go off-track with your decision making energy not being used effectively.

To this end, this E-Lesson focusses on setting up a solid, yet simple way to understand what outcomes “look like” in your day-to-day life.

From the Students:

“This will be most helpful. I certainly had not been doing this. I can see now how I can move forwards and make better decisions with confidence.”

Lesson 15

Measuring for Results

Measuring is comparing what you get from your decision with what you wanted from it at the outset.

In every instance, it is your result that joins the “front” and the “back” ends of each decision you make.

E-Lesson 15 helps you get clarity on what a ‘result’ is  in terms of the decision making process.

From the Students:

“This Lesson gave me the chance to learn more about myself. In particular, it was that I need to set more realistic goals.”

Lesson 16


E-Lesson 16 includes a recap of what you have learned so far in working through the E-lessons. You will also be guided through a recap of the E.C.R.O.M. Idea of Decision Making.

This and the next three lessons focus is on harnessing the power of the E.C.R.O.M. idea of decision making for your everyday life.

From the Students:

“I appreciate the opportunity to recap as I am introduced to new ideas and concepts. I am already applying many in my life, however it is always good to check back.”

Lesson 17

How Do You Know When Your Decisions Are Right Decisions?

E-Lesson 17 introduces the four corner stones to making right decisions and focusses in the first one of them: decision ownership.

You will be guided to understanding what needs to happen for you to claim ownership of your decisions and what can happen if ownership is passed on to someone or something else.

From the Students:

“This Lesson has given me the confidence to take responsibility for every decision I make. It is a tremendous feeling.”

Lesson 18

Where Did That Decision Come From?

E-Lesson 18 takes you to the ‘root-cause’ origin of your decisions, the second corner-stone of making right decisions.

In working through the exercises, you will trace your decisions back to their

energetic origins which have two components – the trigger that sparks the decision and the decision making energy itself.

From the Students:

“I am having some light-bulb, penny-dropping moments and new insights into decisions I have made in the past.”

Lesson 19

Gift Wrapped or Off The Shelf?

E-Lesson 19 guides you through how to make your decisions work for you more by posing the question: “Are you wrapping your decisions in emotions that work for you or are you undermining your efforts and compromising your success?” E-Lesson 19 focusses on the third corner-stone of right decisions.

From the Students:

“This Lesson gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate some decisions I had recently made.”

Lesson 20

How Do You Measure Up?

E-Lesson 20 is the last of four on what makes a decision a right decision and concentrates on constructive analysis of your decision result, i.e. the fourth Corner Stone of right decision making.

E-Lesson 20 guides you through constructive analysis of some of your conscious decisions.

From the Students:

“… Such a valuable insight into how to evaluate my decisions. I appreciate having this tool that provides so much clarity.”

Lesson 21

How Are Your Decisions for Trim?

It’s important to have a guidance system to keep your decisions on track.

E-Lesson 21 gives the tools to set up a guidance system for your own decision making. This is achieved by focussing on the stages of your decision making process, your Reticular Activating System and strategically asking yourself the “How-can-I question.”

From the Students:

“… Just what I need. I will find this so useful.”

Lesson 22

If You Could Wave the Magic Wand

E-Lesson 22 is about identifying the best … the best friends for you, the best lifestyle, the best mind set, the best decision “Why’s”, “What’s”, “How’s”,

“Where’s” and the best contingency plans for every decision you make.

In this lesson you will be introduced to your ‘magic-wand’ state and the power of language in maintaining it to your advantage.

From the Students:

“I really like this ‘magic wand’ idea. It allows me to find direction to move forward in my life with confidence.”

Lesson 23

The Power of Intending

In this second-to-last E-Lesson, you will be invited to put your decision making under the microscope and examine the intent that initiates and drives each of your conscious decisions.

You will discover a useful relationship between your desires and your capability to become detached from them.

From the Students:

“It feels so good to be able to stand back and evaluate with the confidence, that, ‘If it’s to be – it’s up to me’ and I have the knowledge, clarity, ability and confidence.”

Lesson 24

Full Circle

The single focal point of E-Lesson 24 is a ‘How-can-I’ question and it relates to

your physical and mental energy states during the completion of this 24-E-Lesson series.

You will discover the decision maker’s wish and be guided through a review and evaluation of your Breakthrough to Decision Making experience.

From the Students:

“Not only have I gained understanding and clarity about decision making, I know how to most effectively ask the How-can-I question and move forward.

All through these Lessons, I have been working on learning through my own decisions. I believe this is the key point that makes these Lessons so valuable.”

At Your Decisions Count we help you ...
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