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"Making decisions in life is something that we all do. Either your decisions are empowering you or disempowering you. The question is, which one are you choosing and are you ready to take your decision - making process to another level? Through Steve's unique insights you'll discover new ways of being, having and doing. There isn't anyone else who can articulate an idea and concept like Steve Coleman. Study his principles and your life will never be the same again."

John Spender - Author, Speaker and Coach

"I met Steve when participating in a coaching course back in 2011. Steve is an amazing listener with such a calming spirit and he makes you feel so relaxed that a conversation can just flow. With his wealth of knowledge, he is there to guide you through any situation. It is a pleasure to call Steve my friend and I would have no hesitation in recommending his latest book, “
Decisions, Decisions! How To Make The Right One Every Time."

Jenny Davison

"It’s a burning question that keeps us awake at night: Am I making the right decision? No one is better equipped to guide you on your decision-making journey than Steve, the Peter Pan of the twenty-first century. Steve brings his youthful optimism, intuition and wisdom to every situation and this book is no different. I know Steve both personally and professionally and I am confident that his methodical approach to decision making will guide you on your life journey and empower you to reach your potential. Steve once told me, “It will happen.” And, of course, it did."

Katrina Guazzo - B Education, B Journalism, James Cook University, Townsville. English and Film, Television and News Media Teacher, Ignatius Park College, Townsville, Australia

"I have had a lifetime of adventures with Steve in the mountains and in the bush, with no disasters. I would go anywhere with him and it is without hesitation that I say, Go with Steve in this book."

Peter Reimann - Professional Engineer (retired), Current Chairman of a Bush Restoration Group and ongoing Mountain Adventurer

"Steve Coleman always maintains a profound balance between logical and intuitive considerations when making decisions, both personally and professionally. Given Steve's balanced approach to 'mindful decision making' I would highly recommend this valuable resource of Decisions, Decisions! How To Make The Right One Every Time."

Zoe - Anne Fields - Counsellor and Author, "Transformations"