24 E-Lessons - Your Decisions Count
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Mon – Sat 9am – 5pm
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24 E-Lessons

One of the most frequently questions asked about decision making is, “Am I making the right one?”

It is a question asked by parents, people changing jobs or careers, business owners and CEO’s, people approaching retirement and myriad other every-day-life situations..

Breakthrough to Decision Making E-Lesson Series will you help you with exactly that question.

By working through decisions in your own life, you will discover a powerful way to learn from them and apply the learning to your decision making from thereon.


This series of E-Lesson has been designed to guide you, step by step, through an introduction to the E.C.R.O.M. Model for Decision Making as set out in Part 1 of Decisions, Decisions! How to Make the Right One Every Time and how this model can positively transform your decision making forever.

Support and assistance
Remember – we are only a phone call or email away to support and assist you. You will also receive an invitation to join a private support group once you have purchased the E-Lessons.


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