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How would you like to cruise through every one of your decisions from now on with ease, clarity and absolute confidence? International author, Teacher and Personal Development Expert, Steve Coleman shares over forty years of first-hand experience, giving you the knowledge along with simple tools and strategies to make the right decision every time.

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Decisions, Decisions! How to Make the Right One Every Time is a mix of theory and practical application for daily life. In this sense, it is of benefit to the committed student and professional of mindset and mental health and to the individual committed to family, parenthood, their special relationship and to their retirement years,
In the words of one supporter, Decisions, Decisions! How to Make the Right One Every Time is a wonderful marriage of pragmatism and theory to help a range of people from diverse backgrounds improve the quality of their decision making and, in turn, improve the quality of life for themselves and the significant people in their lives.”
Part one of the book describes a model 9or framework) for decision making as a foundation for understanding what happens inside our mind when we make a decision. Part two uses examples from everyday life to demonstrate how the model can be used to achieve empowering life objectives.

A comprehensive glossary serves to clarify new terms and popular language used throughout the book. The Reference section invites further reading and research.


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